Sunday, August 9, 2015

Lucy Regrouping

Slow Stitching Sunday  (linking up) didn't start till tonight for me.....after catching up on preserving veggies.

This is how my box of prepped Lucy blocks looks.....
Empty. I had prepped a lot of blocks a few weeks ago, but they are all made up now. Time to replenish. So I have started working on that tonight.
It is so much easier to get these blocks done when you have them prepped ahead.

Yesterday Sara Ashley participated in her first horse show....
She rocked!!!
So proud of her.

Friday was the first day of school for these guys...
Macy....fourth, Jackson...first. Bear is six months old now!
Christopher...second grade.
Dillon...tenth grade.

This looks familiar....

Take Care,


  1. Seriously? School already? Sheesh, when I went to school we didn't start until after Labor Day.

  2. I'm counting down the days..... my two kids start school on the 17th. The key is in the prep work... I too need to prep some more projects. I did a little for one project but must prep my applique blocks next. Enjoy your stitching.