Sunday, August 16, 2015

Lucy to Date

A quick post today to bring documentation of my Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses blocks up to date for Slow Stitching Sunday (follow the link to see what everyone else is doing).

Block 29

Block 30

Block 31

Block 32

It is nice to be just past the halfway mark with these blocks. They are a joy to work on. Though adding the background as I go is a bit tedious, I am glad I am doing it. Can't fathom  the monotony of having to do all of it after the fun part is done.

Kathy spoke about the long term commitment we make with these slow stitched projects, and I do find that I have a much deeper emotional attachment to them.  I like quick and fun well enough, but there is nothing quite like sitting quietly and meditatively with needle and thread.

It is such a blessing to see my girls love and support each other.

Take Care,


  1. Your Lucy Boston's are so beautiful. My friend is makingthese, but not doing any fussy cutting. Yours are so much prettier.

  2. Love your Lucy Boston blocks. I'm doing this project sometime but not this year. I agree, the fussy cut blocks are definitely prettier.

  3. Such beautiful photographs! Love your blocks... each one looks so different, especially in the centres!

  4. Oh my goodness your Lucy Boston blocks are beautiful. I really like number 29. It is so elegant.