Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Slowly, but surely

I am getting the PFOs done.  I really wanted to be done by the beginning of this week, but life just gets in the way......and most of the time I wouldn't trade anything for the sweet interruptions.

I set this group of string blocks for the Sew Crazies and it is off to the quilt guild for quilting and donation to a Veteran's group. Talk about heavy....this one was by the time all of that fabric was sewn onto foundations!

The dog beds the Crazies stitched and donated to Tenderhearts Rescue last month were a hit.  This month we completed nine more.  What a great way to use up scrap. We are even using old clothing!

Ashley's classroom valances are both made and hanging. Not my favorite kind of stitching, but they are cute, and they are checked off my list.

Sara Ashley attended Art Camp before school started.....and we had another stitching day to make more horse polos.

Daisy, trying her best to engage poor Poppy in play.

Had Woolgatherers and Happy Hookers last week, too. Will try to get that progress posted this week also.  

An unexpected call from an old friend in a far away place.
Grand children's back to school excitement.
A fresh new quilt on my lap as I complete hand stitching the binding.

Take Care,


  1. lol! Daisy is such a cutie pie! :-) The strip quilt looks amazing!

  2. All your finishes are fabulous!!! Love that you use everything.

  3. Hi Jennie! This is my first visit to your blog via Log Cabin Quilter. Your string quilt caught my eye and inspired me to make a few more blocks. I enjoyed your family photos and appreciate you sharing scripture. Thank You!