Wednesday, August 27, 2014

More from PA

Don't know when this will actually post, as we have no Wifi in our cabins....only at Barb's house....and Verizon phone service is negligible.

Am having a great time. I am especially enjoying hooking with Barb. It is amazing to see her put colors together from her treasure trove of wool. Honestly, I have never seen so much wool as in her studio, and I am told there is much more in her storage area.

Here is a peek into the red closet. My favorite color.

A sweet vignette in the studio.

Robin's dogs taking a moment's rest in the greens.

Barb's Maine Coon cat, Posey, in her kitchen.

Love this cute rubber ducky rug in Barb's studio.

My rug, Turkey, Turkey, by Warren Kimble after the first day of class.

That is it for now.

A safe flight home for my family.
Cool, clear weather.
Meeting new friends.

Take care,


  1. Oh Jenny it is such a wonderful camp isn't it? Barb has an amazing way for us hookers to remember what wool is to be used where. Just love the way she does it.

    My friend Deb hooked that Rubber Ducky as a gift to Barb and not sure if the round chair pad that I hooked for her is there somewhere too.

    In the evening I would sometimes go sit just outside the porch area at Barbs as you can get wifi reception there too as you listen to the waterfall.


  2. I am envious of that wool stash!

  3. Ahhhh.... all of that lovely wool and furry friends! :-)