Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Like many quilters out there, I have been bitten by the Lucy Boston, Patchwork of the Crosses, bug. Mary Ellen at Little Quilts warned me that once I started, there would be no stopping. She was right.  And so far, I have successfully lured Laura, Kathie and Diane in. Have to share this bug!

Here are my first four blocks....not perfect, but then neither were Lucy's.

And these are the square sets that will be pat of the setting.  I am trying to make them from my fabric scraps as I go since it takes more of them than the actual blocks.

There are several ways to piece the blocks. I have chosen English Paper Piecing. I have always loved to EPP, and it makes for a nicely portable project. I will be in no hurry to finish this quilt, but intend to just enjoy the journey.

Laura and Diane had birthdays this month, so I gifted each of them with a block for their quilts.
Laura loves peacocks and anything purple, so this block, made from a kit from The Featherweight Quilt Company, was the perfect choice for her.

Diane wants to make hers with all reproduction fabrics. This is what I made for her.

Jan, at Sew and Sew Farm Blog has the best tutorials for fussy cutting and piecing. Thank you, Jan. I send lots of folks to your blog to take advantage of your expertise!!

Stitching days with dear sister/friends.
Folks who generously share of their talents.
Dear hubby loving his doggies.

Take care,


  1. I purchased the book quite some time ago and then gave the book away that featured the Lucy B quilt blocks. I so admire all the blocks I see made from these patterns. What method are you using to sew the block parts together?

  2. Your Lucy Boston blocks are lovely -- very dramatic. Thanks for the link to Sew and Sow Farm. I've passed that info on to my hand-sewing friends who recently began making the Lucy blocks. Aren't they fun? I haven't made many yet for myself, but I'll try to work on them steadily.
    It's especially interesting to see your square sets. I don't see those posted very often, and they can be as inventive and interesting as the actual blocks.