Sunday, August 31, 2014


Is the magic number for today.

This block is the sixth out of fifty six for my Lucy Boston Patchwork of the Crosses quilt.  It is the second block I finished while I was away.

A little preparation in advance and this makes for a good portable project. 

Tonight I finished the sixth block on the American Fancies rug before I took it off the frame to work on Turkey, Turkey. 

Someone missed her mommy....she can hardly stay off my lap or out from under my feet. And she is growing up way too fast, this sweet baby girl.

Rob is celebrating his forty third birthday...and will continue to for several days <VBG>.  We are so thankful for this year and pray for many more.

Another year...365 blessed days.
Sweet Daisy eyes.
Snuggling up to my hubby at night.

Take Care,


  1. I especially like the fabric in the center of the Lucy block. Always interesting to see what specific placement of templates on a fabric create when sewn together.

  2. Rug is coming along well. You're like me in that I usually have more than one hooking project going on at a time. But then you ALSO have a quilt going. Wow, you're a busy gal.

    Yes, we miss our four-legged companions when we are gone, and they us. Ben cries and kisses and stays glued to me when I first arrive home too.


  3. Daisy is a sweetheart! :-) Love the color way you are hooking into your rug! I hope to be getting my hook out soon too. Happy Birthday to Rob!

  4. Happy birthday to Rob! I went to the Caring Bridge and read about him. I'm guessing he is your son? How frightening but what faith they have. May he continue to do well.
    Your rug is wonderful. I can't hook anything with that much!
    What a sweet furbaby!
    Hugs :)