Monday, August 4, 2014

PFO Week

I have declared this PFO week. I know what you are thinking....what in the world are you talking about?? Well, I figure we have UFOs, PIGS, so why not PFOs........Projects for Other People. I have accumulated several, and it is time to get some of them off my plate.  

Today, as I waited to hear from the vet following little Daisy's spay (she did fine, but has to stay overnight. I don't think Buddy understands where she is.), I finished off twenty string blocks. They will be added to others a friend has made and become a Care Quilt for a very young woman who has recently been diagnosed with brain cancer.  It was my privilege to be able to be a part of this project. The blocks make me smile; they are like a dose of sunshine. I hope they will cheer her as she fights this horrible disease.

Robert, along with 19 other young men, went through Chrysalis this weekend.  It was a life changing experience for him.  Christi worked Agape and Rob was Lay Director. I thank God that they at are able to have these wonderful times together. 

L-R: Robert, friend Brady, Rob, Christi, friend Hal.

Favorite verses.
A morning catnap on the back porch swing.
The voices of young men lifted up in praise on a quiet summer night.

Take Care,

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