Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Post I would never have chosen to make

My life is fairly simple. Sometimes a little busy, but by choice.  My children, well, their lives are full of the things of young, school, church, sports and social activities. As it should be. We are not usually prepared when something intrudes in an unwelcome way to interrupt what we know, and redefines the very lives that we have been living so comfortably.

Such was the case when, so unexpectedly, we were forced off track by Rob's diagnosis of those feared words, brain tumor.  Words that fill us with dread and anxiety and the questions that just can't be answered right away in order to allay our fears.  Christi explains it best on the Caring Bridge page she has started for Rob:

Please join with us as we pray for total healing and recovery for
 Rob, as well as strength and faith in his healing for Christi, Robert 
and Sara Ashley.

Rob & Christi celebrating 25 years of dating in July.

The Estes crew at a GA game last year.

Unflappable faith
Kind, competent medical staff
Praying friends

Take Care,


  1. My prayers are added for healing!!

  2. I will certainly add more prayers to all the others....

  3. So sorry to read of Rob's diagnosis. Will be keeping your family in my prayers!

  4. Oh Jennie - so sorry to hear about Rob. Your family will be in my daily prayers. Hugs!