Thursday, August 8, 2013

It doesn't take much

Sometimes it really doesn't take much to make me happy.  My old ironing board cover had really seen better days.  It wasn't great to begin with, and with the spray starch and hot iron, it didn't take much to make it a disaster.  I had covered it with a towel for a couple of years.  Recently I had searched all of the local stores looking for a replacement (it is oversized) to no avail.  Thank goodness for Amazon!!  Now I am a happy camper.

Last night was sleepless, so I got prep work done on the Primitive Gatherings blocks, as well as one of the Summer Blooms stitched.  The new ones will be here tomorrow............oh, well.  Also squared up a cute little Jo Morton Little Women's Club quilt (name unknown, stitched many years ago, major UFO) and got it ready for quilting with backing and binding made.  I will cut some batting and it will be ready to pass on to Debi when we have our stitchery class next week.  It will make a great Fall table topper.  I could quilt it myself, but it is worth paying someone so that I can move on to something else.  Photos in the next few days.  No chance today.

Today was spent preserving veggies........two kinds of peas and okra for frying.  And laundry.  Guess I can't stitch everyday.

A friend recently posted this photo of my friend Peggy and me (on the left) from our 9th or 10th grade year in high school.  I think it is hysterical.  But what is scary is that I have absolutely no recollection of this event!!  My girlfriend says we were hostesses at a Prom.  I will have to trust her with this one.

Friends whose memories are no better than mine....welcome to the club, huh?
A young doe and her spotted twins in our meadow.
Bunnies........but don't tell Blake because they are eating our peas.

Take care,

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