Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I have really been meaning to introduce you to my Ladybug for a couple of months now, but just never got around to taking photos.

Being "into fiber" has naturally led me to yet another related hobby.  Really, it was inevitable.  Every time I would go to Yarnhouse and see the wheels, my heart would flutter.  Finally, I sat down with Cary and tried out several.  I thought I would chose a very traditional looking wheel, however, even with my extreme inexperience, I knew that when I treadled the Ladybug it was the one for me.  Since then I have had a couple of lessons and have been busy practicing.  There is lots to learn.

Each Schact Ladybug wheel has its very own special ladybug hidden on it somewhere, with no two in the same spot.  Here is mine, down between the treadles.  How cute is that????

At Spin In,  I finally tried out some beautifully dyed fiber instead of the boring (but lovely) off white Falkland that I was learning on.  The choice,  Blue Faced Leicester hand dyed by Frabjous Fibers in color way #235 Cathedral.  I am so excited.  Soon there will be enough spun to actually ply my very first yarn.  I can hardly wait.

I pulled out the dreaded 2006-2007 block set from Little Quilts' Second Saturday Sampler.  No wonder I didn't finish this quilt.  These blocks are not very attractive, but they are done and represent an investment in time and money, so I am going to set them and send them off to be quilted.  It will be a simple setting with fabric from stash.  Update soon.

The twelve Garden Baskets blocks are ready for their setting.

Next up on the hooking frame is the Maggie B design that I started with Jayne Hester last October.  I lack the background and border.  I really don't like the border plan, so I need to rethink that.

Three of the grands headed back to school yesterday.

Robert, ready for his first day of high school at his mom's and dad's Alma Mater, Newnan High School.

Macy with Ms. Wilson at Elm Street, ready for second grade.

Christopher's first day of kindergarten at Poplar Road.

Teachers, God Bless them.
Comfy shoes.
Friends who gift you with live worms for your chickens.

Take care,

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