Monday, March 26, 2012

BOM Monday

I started the day with my annual mammogram appointment.........and I passed!!  Don't have to go back for another year.

Tonight, after much deliberation, I pulled out the BOM that I want to work on first.......following along with the BOM challenge at Pink Pincushion (see button on my sidebar).  I decided that I would start with something small, something that I had already made considerable progress on, and something that I still loved.........the choice was "A Tisket A Tasket" by Bunnyhill Designs.  It is available for sale now, but back when I started it, it was a freebie from Anne.  I had been working on it when our house flooded.....had completed blocks 1-8, and the blocks were on my sewing table when everything flooded.  Fortunately, the blocks and fabrics were okay, but I discovered later that the pattern for Block 11 was lost.  
A couple of months ago, I contacted Anne who generously emailed me the pattern for the lost block.  I never downloaded it off the computer.  Luckily everything is still all together, Block 11 is downloaded, and I am on my way.  I am doing the blocks with fusible and machine buttonhole applique.  After dinner tonight I got Blocks 9 & 10 fused and ready for stitching.  I hope to get 11 & 12 fused tomorrow.  Hopefully by the end of the week all of the blocks will be finished and ready for setting.  A little nudge is a good thing, Pink Pincushion!

Tomorrow Blake has a dental appointment and then we have to go buy a new stove......GRRRRRRRRRR.  I have wanted a new stove, but not right now.  Last week it was an a 
new HVAC unit for the main level.  At this point the only two mechanical things we haven't replaced in this house are the fridge and the hot water heater.........and I am not holding my breath.

A normal mammogram, and my great doctor at Breast Care Specialists.
The happy chatter of grandchildren in the car on the way home from school.
Swinging on the back porch with my sweet little Rascal.

Take care,


  1. You have so much done already that it should not take a lot of time to finish. I should have worked on this quilt as I really like the blocks.

  2. Your basket blocks are adorable! That BOM is on my list of ones to finish too. Hope things keep working for you so you can get some quilting done!

  3. Jennie I love the basket blocks. Makes me want to try quilting one of these days!

  4. I am visiting from Pink Pincushion. I too am trying to get some of my blocks done from several different BOM. I have completed two of my blocks from A Tisket A Tasket. I love how yours turned out.