Thursday, March 22, 2012

Blame Miss M

It is all her fault.....Miss M' know.  She has occupied a large portion of my time this past week.  Miss M is my "new" old Macomber Add A Harness Loom.  Blake and I journeyed to Asheville, NC on Sunday, loaded her up on a borrowed pick up truck, spent the night in Asheville, went to Earth Guild on Monday and then headed home.  The trip was fun, the weather was gorgeous, and I am thrilled with Miss M.  Loading and unloading her was a bit of a challenge, as she weighs in at about 250#......and she required significant rearranging of my "Studio", but I think she will be worth it.  Ann Lynn and Diane came over on Tuesday and helped me get her set up and started on the warping process, then I finished last night and started a small weaving sample.  Boy, is it different weaving on a big girl loom!!

Last Saturday the Coweta County Genealogical Society (where Blake volunteers) had a nice program put on by the ladies of the Daughters of the American Revolution.  I know that my Kellum ancestor fought in the Revolutionary War.........perhaps it is time to delve into my spare time.  Or maybe Blake, the genealogist of the household, will do it for me.......

I had ordered Sourdough Starter from King Arthur, and it arrived last week before our mad dash to Asheville.  I got it going and turned out my first loaves..........Sourdough Artisan Bread.  It was pretty darned good, too!  Especially for a beginner.  We also had salad with fresh lettuce and spinach from the garden.  This week our mixed greens are ready to pick, so looks like that will be on the dinner menu for tomorrow.

I plugged along with the knitting......ended up with 7 new dish and face cloths and just a smidgen of cotton yarn left.

Spring is in full swing here in Georgia........along with pollen and allergy season.  The flowers are so pretty, though.  Blake and John set out 28 small azaleas, 3 roses, a camellia and a few other things yesterday.  And today we received a most welcome rain!

That is it for now.


The instant bond you have with fiber people....quilters, weavers, whatever.
Renewal.......of the earth and our spirits.
The feel of fibers in my hands.

Take care,

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  1. OMG.......seems you have been a busy girl! Can't wait to see the weaver creativity flow from you. Oh to be retired. :-)