Saturday, March 24, 2012


I had a couple of finishes as of last night.......both of them hooked.  The first was long overdue, and, certainly....would still be unfinished if it were not for our upcoming guild rugshow, Off the Hook.  Nothing like a little pressure to get you moving.  The rug, seen here previously, had been finished for awhile......except for the binding.  I just couldn't make a decision about how to finish the edge.  A braided border was the winner, and, I think, the right decision.  Many thanks to dear friend, Kathie Meyers (Simple Braided Borders for Hooked Rugs), for her wonderful instructions on braiding borders!!!

The next one was Blossom Bunny from Anita White's Cupboard series....just in time for Easter.
I love this series of little matts......they are quick and easy and the designs are really cute.  It is nice to be able to change them out with the seasons.

Tonight we went to The Bedford School for their annual Dinner/ Auction.  We have two grandchildren who attend there.  It is a wonderful school - a real blessing for these children with special learning needs.  We are always inspired by the slide presentations and the speakers, who are alumni and their parents.  It is heartening to see that these young people have utilized the skills they learn at Bedford to become successful in their lives.  I cannot express how wonderful and caring the staff at this school is.  

We worked in the yard for awhile today, and I cooked two loaves of "Extra Tangy Sourdough Bread"...two yummy loaves of bread quite different from the first recipe.  I cannot believe I am actually making good, homemade bread!!!

I came across this blog today, and lo and behold, my addiction has a name and other victims.  BOM addiction.  There, I have said it.  My name is Jennie, and I am a BOM addict.  What is it about getting those little packages of lovely fabrics and patterns in the mail each month, all picked out for you....all you have to do is stitch.....or not.  I wouldn't even venture to say how many BOMs I have in various stages of completion, and not even started, but neatly packaged together awaiting my attention.  Maybe this challenge is just what I need to get moving on them!  Time will tell, but it is worth a try.   Stay tuned.  At least I know that I am not alone..........


That is it for tonight.

The Bedford School and its staff.
"Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young.

Take care,


  1. Both of your rugs are lovely! I really like the braided edge on the house rug!

    1. Thanks. Binding is my least favorite part of the rug making process, so it is always a challenge to decide on my method and get it done.