Saturday, January 14, 2017

Purple-RSC 2017

This week has slipped by like a thief in the night. Between my continued cleaning frenzy, and Can't Never Could and Master Gardener commitments, there has been little time for stitching. 

I did finish the January
Temecula Quilt Company Postcard mini in purple.....the RSC color of the month.
It is handquilted....not beautifully , but done...and ready to hang on a wall where I plan to do a grouping. Yay!! My second finish for 2017. 

Friend Laura put me on to this next treasure, and I immediately spent my Amazon gift card on it....
LOVE!!!!! It is just the right height for sitting in your comfy chair, adjusts nicely, magnifier and LED lights are heavenly...and it can be run on D batteries or electric cord. I love that it uses batteries and I don't have to deal with a cord. When I am done stitching I can just pick it up and put it out of the way. 

Christopher is playing basketball and loving it.

And this is my dear little Compassion child, Hazel, who lives in El Salvador. She has grown so much in the four years I have been sponsoring her!!! It is always exciting to get her letters and photos.  I would encourage you to consider sponsoring one of these worthy children. I have certainly been blessed by it.

I have accomplished a bit more this week and will share tomorrow.

  • The sweet smell of a clean house
  • Girlfriend time with a dear daughter
  • The funny mockingbird that is obsessed with our dining room window.

Thank goodness for friends!!!

Take Care,


  1. Cleaning does not seem like a fun thing to be doing though we did a bit of it yesterday. My sewing room is a mess. I put a few pieces of fabric away but need to do a lot more.

  2. I wish a cleaning frenzy was happening at my house! Do you hire out? I'll take you antiquing when you are :)
    I don't quilt, but little quilts like yours are something that interest me. Some day...
    Little Hazel is adorable. There is a special place in heaven for you.
    Happy Sunday :)

  3. It seems that you must enjoy the quilting hobby! Good job on the one displayed above!

  4. Congrats! on your newest PURPLE finish. What's next??

  5. Congrats on another finish. You're on a roll.

  6. Purple isn't a favorite color for me, either, but I do love this little purple quilt you've made. Cute, cute grandson! Where in El Salvador does Hazel live? My husband and I served in El Salvador in the Peace Corps many years ago and have a love for the people there though I understand from Salvadoranean friends here in the U.S. that things have become violent and dangerous there. I hope your little Hazel stays safe.