Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sew Crazy Day

This Friday was Sew Crazy day, and we started the cutest tote bags under the tutelage of the most talented Debi.  Most of us did stitchery to go on our totes. This is mine...
From the book "Patchwork Loves Embroidery " by Gail Pan.

This is Debi's second tote that she is constructing with us in class.
This is where we need to be by the next lesson. How cute is this??

And here are Micki, Debi and me with our starts.

And Debi and Kathleen hard at work.

We had lots of fun, a great lunch and are ready to get these totes done for everyone to admire <LOL>.

Most of my week has been spent helping the Hornes get settled into their new home. Today is their anniversary..,what a great day to celebrate both their marriage and their first night at this wonderful new location!

Last night we took a break and attended this special event.
Where we were blessed by hearing the amazing Jeremy Williams (center) speak again. 

Looking forward to getting some crafty time in this week.

What a truth, Charlie Brown!!

Take Care,

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