Monday, April 29, 2013

Unwelcome Visitor

A couple of days ago I filled the two hummingbird feeders with nice, fresh nectar for the three little fellows that have been frequenting our back deck.  The next morning, they were totally empty.  I knew that three tiny hummers couldn't possibly empty those two feeders........but I dutifully refilled them and returned them to their places.  And this morning..............

Yes.........totally empty, again.  We checked for leaks, but no.  However, on closer inspection we noticed these on our pollen covered deck.....

Looks as if Mr. Raccoon just might have a sweet tooth.  We will set up a humane trap for him tonight and see what happens.  He just might find himself relocated to a more wooded area if we are successful.

Today was Spring Cleaning at the chicken house and run.  It turned into pretty much an all day affair.  Thank goodness we had good helpers.   We also did a little chicken maintenance......Vet Rx on everyone's combs and their semi-annual spraying for mites.  In addition, Snowflake, who is a feathery cochin, got a much needed feather trim and bath and is no longer stinky, although she is still broody.
She was forced to spend quite awhile off the nest today, but as soon as her feathers dried she was back in nesting position.  Blake has dubbed her "Sitting Bull".

I have to say that I think the flock was less than impressed with the whole ordeal......and we probably won't get another egg all week long!  They did get some melon as a special treat afterwards, so maybe they will forgive me.

A clean chicken house for our little flock.
Spaghetti cooking in the crockpot.
A nice, hot shower after a day's work.

Take care,

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  1. Mr. Raccoon will wind up with diabetes at that rate!