Thursday, April 18, 2013

April Birthdays

April is THE birthday month for my family and friends.......and we enjoy celebrating.

On April 5th Dillon celebrated his 14th birthday with a trip to Six Flags.

Dillon and Christopher

Christopher turned 5 on April 6th and celebrated with a party at his home last Saturday.  His theme was Jake the Pirate, and we gifted him with a Jake sleeping bag and bed tent.

My dear friends from high school, Pete, Peggy and Carl all had birthdays within the same week as mine.  We got some friends together and had lunch at Sprayberry's to honor the occasion, as has been our tradition the past few years.  It is nice to be able to celebrate with pals from so many years ago.

Since I was out of town on my birthday, we had my family birthday celebration last Sunday at Christi's.
I chose my own menu and Matt and the girls prepared it.........along with an ice cream cake from Bruster's with yellow layers, caramel and chocolate turtle ice cream.......yummmmmm.  Being together as a family is always a special gift.

On the 17th, John was 33!  I baked a strawberry cake for him and, once again, we had lunch at Sprayberry's (his choice).

Macy celebrated her April 26th birthday (she will be seven) a bit early with a trip to American Girl with her best friend, Susan Grayton (whose birthday is the same as mine, the 8th).  She got money for her birthday and purchased this year's American Girl Doll of the Year, Saige......and, of course, some vital necessities for her wardrobe.

April 20th would have been my father's birthday........his 101st.  Hard to believe he only lived to be 59. I have already outlived him.  I think of him often........of things I would like to share with him and things I wish I had asked him and said to him.  I guess that is just the way it is when you lose a parent.

May will hold some special birthdays for us, too........but nothing like April!

Friends and families to celebrate birthdays with.
Old memories.......and making new ones.

Take care,

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