Saturday, March 23, 2013

Back to the list..........

Today it was back to my list.  I had decided that I would finish the Primitive Garden block for the month, Watering Can.  I have been working on the stitching on this block intermittently for most of the month.....I had fused it last month (thank goodness).  I thought I would never finish.  It is a really nice block, but lots of work.

My plan for Primitive Garden for April is to prep the remaining blocks in the set (not the borders, those will come later).  That will be a major undertaking, but I will be able to make good progress on the blocks after that.  It is just easier to prep several at once when you have the lightbox and fusible out....production line, so to speak.

Love Letters has seen some progress so far this month.  All of the setting pieces and borders are cut, and the nine patches for the setting are all made.  Will it be a top by the end of the month???  Probably not, but I am making progress.

Blake's quilt..........Honoring the Confederacy.......came back from the LA quilter yesterday.  I finished the top last year, so it will be really nice to get this one on the finished list.  Tonight I made the binding and did the machine stitching.  Hopefully I will get the hand stitching done this weekend and then post a photo of the completed quilt!

The Sew Crazies met today for lunch and stitching.  Lots of laughter and friendship there.

While I was at Sewn with Luv for our meeting, I donated the 48 string blocks to the Heartstrings group.
Several of us "Crazies" plan to start joining the Heartstrings girls at their monthly stitching day in April.

As the result of having a child with learning differences and realizing the unexpected blessings that come about, along with the challenges, Christi has felt God calling her to write a book to share her blessings, as well as those of others who are living with and loving their learning challenged children.
In conjunction with this journey, she has started to blog.  We invite you to share with her at A Journey of Unexpected Gifts.  And please keep her in your prayers that she is able to clearly see and follow God's will in this endeavor.

Going to a Sacred Harp Singing in the morning, so I had best get to bed.

A daughter who is willing to step out in faith.
The camaraderie of stitching buddies.
Yeast rolls.

Take care,


  1. Girl you are the busiest woman I know! I love that quilt block - gorgeous!

  2. Oh, I like the watering can block for sure. So very prim style.