Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Quick One

I am steadily working away on my projects for the month.  Honestly, I need to stay at home more so that I can get more done.  I am in the road way too much.........but doing things I enjoy.  What can I say?????

I have finished four of the eight square redwork blocks for the My Family BOM.  We don't meet this month, but need to finish all of the blocks before the end of April.  My goal for this month is two more of the square blocks.  Hopefully I will get them prepped in the next couple of days.  Once that is done, the embroidery is easy.  Sorry for the less than stellar photo.

This is a photo of Sara Ashley that her dad took while they were quail hunting at Big Red Oak this past weekend.  SA didn't actually shoot the quail.......she says they are too fast.  I am sure that will change in the future!

Time to hit the hay.  Busy day for tomorrow :-))

Busy days and the opportunity to choose and enjoy them.

Take care,

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