Thursday, March 21, 2013


I can't believe it.......I am thrilled.  My daughters are actually crafting, and I was the lucky recipient of one of their lovely Spring Door Crosses.  How pretty is that?  Thank you girls!!

The Sew Crazies are making a String Quilt for their QOV project this red, white and blue, naturally.  My assigned eight blocks are done and ready for our meeting tomorrow.

Now, I must confess, I had so much fun doing these that I just couldn't resist making a few more.  I know, they weren't on my list.  I can justify that the black centers and muslin backing all came from stash and the strips came entirely from the scrap bin.  What a wonderful way to whittle away that pile of scraps in my bin, right???  Forty eight blocks later (9 1/2" unfinished), I was dismayed to see my results............

Scrap Bin before blocks
Scrap Bin after blocks
Really???????  I didn't even make a dent in those scraps!!  But I am loving the blocks, and I have enough to make a Heartstrings quilt, so it is a good thing.  I just need to make more.  But first, I have to get back to the business of my list.

I LOVE these blocks.  Isn't it funny how even your uglies look great with a black center and a string block?

Touches of pink, yellow and green sighted as I drive down the roadways.
Clucking hens.
Gifting eggs.

Take care,


  1. You have a bigger scrap bin than I do. I need to shop for a new one or use some of what's in mine.

    1. And it doesn't even include the scraps I have cut into strips and squares!!! I keep buying more storage, and we know that isn't the answer ;-))

  2. LOL Your scrap basket is similar to my wool worm basket - they just keep on multiplying!