Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The process.......

I am trying to enjoy the process of machine quilting.  I am not adept at it; not at all.  I would like to be, but it takes lots of practice and I am always in a big hurry to get things done, and I get all wound up because it is not perfect, the tension is off, the line wobbles...... Be still.  So, I have a project with a deadline, and it is ready to be machine quilted.  Finally, I sat down and watched the Sue Nickels DVD that I bought months ago....... sat still and watched and learned a few things along the way.  And then pulled out two UFOs (more about that later), spread them out smooth and sandwiched them and did a little practice piece, too.  And I practiced, using the thread and needle recommended, and did a pretty good job doing the really simple stuff.  The runner is now quilted and ready for binding, and the cute fall wallhanging (Sweet Pickins) is a work in progress.  Not perfect, but okay, and I am working calmly and actually enjoying it.  Next is the project with the deadline.........the deadline that may not get made, but it is close and it will be okay.  And I will keep practicing and someday may even be proficient at machine quilting, who knows.  But I won't be so terribly uptight about it again.

This is the little wallhanging, ready for quilting

and a funny story about the backing.  I started trying to quilt back in the 1970s when the quilting resurgence occurred.  I had small children and not much time and life got in the way, so it was many years later when I finally became serious about it.  That being said, I took a couple of classes at a shop in the Atlanta area and had a friend here in Newnan with a cross stitch shop that also carried some quilting fabrics.  I learned to appliqué and do some very simple hand piecing.  When my friend closed her shop, she gave me the remaining quilting fabrics.  I washed them up, put them in a big tub and have used them for backings on charity quilts and a few other things over the years.  I went to this tub when I chose the backing for Sweet Pickins, and as I ironed, I saw the  selvedge.  Note the year............and also note that the fabric was made in the USA.......Atlanta no less!!!

Hopefully in a few days there will be another finished project to show you.  And the runner and Sweet Pickins will be quilted and bound.  Then there will be three UFOs finished for January!!!

Speaking of counting projects, I have decided this year that I will only count a project that is complete.  Now, complete can mean a flimsy if it is donated or if I am totally done with my part on it.  Otherwise, it means FINISHED...........quilting, binding, framing, whatever.

UFOs.......geez, I have a lot.  Sometimes there is a long forgotten, unexpected surprise.  That happened as I pilfered through the drawer of the sewing machine cabinet searching for machine quilting supplies.  There it was, the significant start of "Nines and Vines", started way back in 2004.....languishing there, totally forgotten.  About half the blocks are finished, with the remainder of the nine patches pieced and the setting blocks cut.  I still really like the project.  Wonder why it was never finished?  The fabrics are mostly reproduction fabrics, some of the earlier ones.  Think I will give this one another chance!

 Just in case you are interested, this is October, 2004, McCall's Quilting.

On the reading front it is another doggie book.  Content and photography are wonderful.

My old dogs are looking pretty grungy and smell like wet dog (that is Roxie beneath those eyebrows).  The groomer is coming tomorrow, thank goodness.

Dog lovers.
Mobile dog groomers.
Small kids who make big differences in this world.

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  1. Love how your wall hanging is coming along! I have that issue of PQP, but, haven't started that quilt yet... that selvedge says it all... and we need to get some manufacturing back here in the states. American people need something to have pride in! I noticed the design on the fabric kinda looks like the crow and blossom in the quilt too! ;-)

    1. I don't think you can buy quilting fabric made in the USA anymore, do you?

  2. Your 1977 fabric is what I would consider vintage. So many of the cottons did not have a year printed on them. Nice that yours did.

    I tried making a quilt in the 1960's. I made a bow tie quilt top but could not afford the supplies needed for finishing it. I used scraps and probably many of them were poly/cotton. I don't know what happened to the quilt top.

  3. If you like dog books, try The Divinity of Dogs by Jennifer Skiff. You'll love it - very touching.

    1. I LOVE dog books. I will give this one a try!