Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chicken News

A little update on the chicken front.  I think the flock number is finally stable now with one rooster and seven hens.  Sadly, we lost a few girls for various reasons.  And we ended up giving four roosters away......... those girls just kept coming out and crowing.  I really wanted a rooster to crow and take care of the girls, but the first four to declare themselves were terribly aggressive and not suitable (Captain Cluck, Zulu, Stella and Chloe).  Alas, handsome Ronnie (fortunately with a unisex name) is quite a gentleman.  He is not aggressive and takes very good care of his girls, so he is a keeper.  Finally!

Over the past couple of weeks we have started to let our little flock free range, under our supervision, in the fenced garden area.  Their run has a gate that opens into the garden, and they are waiting anxiously for us to allow them to roam when we go up to care for them each day.  We don't leave them out without being there to supervise them, as we have resident hawks and owls.  They really love running around the garden, scratching, hunting and eating.  And we love watching them.  They are so funny.  The other day Ginger uncovered a worm and Puff chased her all around the garden trying to take it from her.  They were like a couple of kids.  And they are rewarding us with a bounty of delicious eggs........enough for us and to share.......anywhere from two to six eggs daily.

Chicken keeping has been challenging, hard work and immensely rewarding.  I love my little flock!

Garden goodies to share with chickens and to eat.
Fresh eggs.
Funny chickens.

Take care,

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