Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jayne Hester Class

Right in the midst of the Christmas season........with shopping and decorating left to do.......I paused for four days of hooking.  Just how self indulgent was that????  Merry Christmas, Jennie!!

Jayne was a grand teacher and I can't begin to say how very much I enjoyed her class.  Learned so much about primitives and chosing neutrals and primitive colors and what makes a primitive versus a folk art rug.  Besides that, this woman is FUN!!!!  I look forward to another class from her in the future.

Deste and Jayne

Jane B. with her lovely little sailing ship.

Yours truly.

Kathie, still in shock because she can't use her spot dyes :-))

Jayne and Mary


Here are a few of Jayne's rugs:

Love this background.

And, this is my rug.  The pattern is by Maggie Bonanomi and was intended for wool applique, but with a bit of enlarging, adapted perfectly to hooking.  It is primarily hooked with 9.5 strips.  That is pretty incredible in my estimation!  I can't believe I got that detail with such large strips.  And they were easy to pull up.

On Thursday following the workshop, we had our Dogwood ATHA Christmas Luncheon at the Atlanta Country Club.  As always, the food and ambience was wonderful and the club was decorated beautifully.  Vicki, Jan, Laura, Kathie and I went together from our small hooking group.

Being able to relax and spend time with my grandchildren.
A caring nation.

Take care,


  1. Hi Jennie-Looks like you had a great time with Jayne!! Isn't she fabulous? I hooked one of my favorite rugs wih her! I hope to take another class from her one of these days as well. And I love your rug! I'ma big fan of Maggie as well. Thanks for sharing! Mary

  2. She is fabulous, and so much fun. Our guild is hoping to have her back again in October...keeping my fingers crossed!!