Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Made in the USA

What a nice surprise to hear that , according to ABC nightly news, WalMart is participating in the "Made in the USA" campaign.  I hope that they follow through.......and that many other retailers will follow.

I was pleased when shopping at Target this week, to find a whole isle in the cosmetic section that was devoted to organic, cruelty free, natural and mostly Made in the USA products.  I purchased these items, that qualified as being natural, cruelty free and Made in the USA........and were also On Sale!!!
And the Burt's Bees GUD hand cream is in my favorite Orange Petalooza fragrance.

My daughter wanted a Dust Buster for her birthday.  Dust Busters are not Made in the USA.  I tried.......

This beautiful camellia was planted this summer and this is the first bloom, with lots of buds on such a young, small bush.  What will it be like when it is full grown!  I love the way it is darker around the outer petals.  How nice, in the dark days of winter, to find this in the garden.

Working at finishing several UFOs this week.  Will post those later in the week.

Beautiful winter blooms in my favorite soft pinks and reds.
Finally understanding knitting instructions.  Maybe I am not too old to learn.
Made in the USA.
Folks who truly care about cruelty free, environmentally friendly and take the risks to do something about it.  Thank you brave entrepreneurs.

Take care,

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