Monday, October 22, 2012

You've got to be kidding.........

Blake swore he heard it.  I refused to listen.  He doesn't hear well.  I was sure it was a mistake.  I was wrong.

Remember Stella of the bad hair day?  Well, you guessed it.  Stella is crowing.....sort of....a prepubescent crow.  Another rooster.  Macy is not pleased, as she claimed Stella as hers.  She will need a new name.......a "he" name.  And he just might end up needing a new home.  No wonder the girls are steering clear!  Great................

The gold and black overshot runner is finally hemmed, pressed and on to the buffet.  It isn't perfect, but I am pleased with it.  Finished is better than perfect, right?

More progress on the Scroll runner.  If you put all of the hooking together, I think it is about half finished.  And it is a whopping 39" x 77" in size......what was I thinking???  I am trying to put in at least a few loops everyday, and it is paying off.  Another dreaded scroll is done and I can go onto some flowers and leaves for a little while.  Sure would like to see this one finished!

The goals I set on the 11th have been met.  I finished the fourth scroll on the big rug,  wove a breadcloth and runner that are awaiting their finishing touches, and Robert's Scout patches have been sewn on.  This week we are going to the North Georgia mountains for a couple of days, so I might not get much done.  I would like to make more progress on the Scroll rug, finish Block 1 of Primitive Garden, complete the Redware Crow wool applique that I started in the Lisa Bongean class and stitch Block 5 of Oaks and Pomegranates (which is already prepped).  Sounds pretty ambitious, huh?  But they are all WIP......nothing new.

Remember when I mentioned in a previous post that God always seems to be reaching out to you with scripture or other spiritual messages when you really need Him and are listening for his voice.  This post is just another example of how I know He wants to care for me while I am mourning the loss of my dear friend.

Sometimes I see a rug or quilt that just "speaks to me".  The minute I saw this antique rug,  The Bride,  I felt that tug at my heartstrings.  The sweetness...... naive and innocent.  What I wouldn't give to know its history.  This one just may be in my future.

Back to my stitching.


Spiritual music.
The warm, liquid eyes of my little man dog.

Take care,

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