Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall afternoon........

Last week Blake and I took a spin on the Gator.  Down to pick up the mail, chat with our neighbor along the driveway and deliver the trash.  Then to take a Fall journey around the property.  It is amazing how quickly the scenery changed.......almost as if overnight.  Lovely Fall.  Some people view it as death........I see it as shedding the old skin in preparation for something new.  It is captivating to see the vibrant color that is a prelude to the bareness of winter,  the earth's moment to rest.  And now, this week, it seems that Winter is already blowing in, unmindful of my need for a few more quiet days of Fall.

Fortunately, before the windy, colder weather set in, Blake and I were able to spend a few days in the North Georgia mountains.  There is something about the mountains..........an almost primal feeling for me......as if in some other time I was at home there, sitting on the front porch of a cabin, stitching a quilt and taking in the wondrous views that nature offered.  I have felt that way since I was a girl. 

We stayed one night with dear friends at their cabin, took in lots of beautiful scenery, and of course antiqued, shopped and ate.  We stopped at our favorite grist meal, Nora Mill Granary, and picked up some cornmeal.
We bought a few collectibles at various antique shops:

And Blake patiently searched out several quilt and yarn shops for my pleasure.......bless him.  My favorite was The Quilt Shop on Main in Jasper, GA......where, of course, I did a little retail therapy.  I thought that this nice stack of fabrics would make a great starting point for Comfort & Joy, a pattern I bought a few weeks ago and hope to start after Christmas.......so that it will be ready for next year, right?

The chickens seem to be enjoying the cooler weather, though the winds of the past couple of days have sent them to roost in their coop more frequently.  They are definitely enjoying the Fall crop of turnip greens.  When I throw a handful out to them, there is a feeding frenzy.  Almost as much so as when they get their pasta for breakfast.  Are they spoiled?.......well, maybe.

Surely, as much as they are maturing,  there will be more layers soon......though, from what I read, the shorter days may stymie that.  There is quite a bit of interest when I go into the run with my camera.  They are especially intrigued by the clicking noise that is made when I snap a photograph.



 Puff & Lilly

 Macy...of the beautiful plumage.

Ronnie....who just might be a rooster, too.

Let me preface the next part of this post by saying that I really hate the idea of hunting animals.  I mean, I can't even go fishing.  That being said, it is a reality, and as long as the animal is used for consumption I kind sort of live with it.  All to get to the point here........Sara Ashley, at age 11, killed her first deer a week ago.  In one weekend she bagged a doe and an eight pointer.  To say that her dad was thrilled is an understatement.  I will spare you the photo of the dead deer, but will share one of SA with her gun, which is as big as she is.

That's it for tonight.


Hot chili and cornbread on a cold evening.
Warm, fuzzy slippers.
Porch time with old friends.

Take care,

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  1. We like to visit the mountains and see scenery that is different from ours. We try to get there once a year. Must have been a very fun and colorful trip for you.
    I see you have "Comfort and Joy" planned. I like that the pattern shows the same quilt made by two people and different fabrics. Different elements within some of the blocks. Enjoy!