Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Progress Report

Last week I set several goals, but suspected that since we would be out of town for a few days,  they might not be accomplished.  I am delighted to say that each one was completed!  FOCUS!!!  Really, I believe that blogging about my goals does make me more accountable for some mysterious reason.

Finally, I've started back on Primitive Garden.  It was  originally started back in 2009, just before our house flooded.  At that point it was packed away and I just never got back to it.  Recently a friend from one of my online groups suggested that we work on this as a BOM together.  Having seen the original at the Lisa Bongean class recently, I was inspired to get started on it again.  It really is a great quilt, full of my favorite things.

Next was the buttonhole applique around Block 5 of Oakleaf & Pomegranates.  There is nothing about these blocks that I don't like.

I worked on Redware Crow while we were on our trip last week, then backed and bound it over the weekend.  The wools in this piece are just gorgeous.......the photo doesn't do them justice.

And the scroll rug got two clusters of leaves and some background added.

One thing that has really helped me with this big rug was the purchase of this frame.  I had seen it used by two friends at rug camp......gals who work on really large rugs.........and I was impressed.  Rightfully so, as it is wonderful.  It provides a lot of hooking room on the work surface and is quite stable, a real asset when working with a large rug.  I was able to purchase it from Sherri at From Crook to Hook Wool Studio in Chattanooga.  The other thing that has made progress easier is to not look at the entire rug and become overwhelmed, but instead, choose small segments to motif at a time, and sometimes, as in the scrolls, one small part of a motif.

This week's plan is to continue to work on the Scroll Rug.......slow and steady wins the race.  I would like to get another Oakleaf & Pomegranate block stitched down, and to choose a pattern for a quilt that will be a Christmas gift.  I will also try to get the hand buttonhole stitching finished on the Patiently Waiting wool runner.  Sounds like enough, don't you think?

Yesterday I picked this pretty bouquet of zinnias, knowing that the cold temperatures would take the last of them out overnight.  And, this cake was baked and ready to take to the church is a Butter Pecan Coconut Cake with Cream Cheese Glaze......easy and pretty good, too.

Finally, my niece added these great hen and rooster wall pockets to my growing collection.  Not only are they cute and appropriate, but there is a sentimental attachment......they came from her cousin, an elderly friend of mine, who recently went into assisted living.  They had spent many years in her kitchen with wandering jew growing in them.  I will always think of her when I see them.


The little things in life that mean so very much.
Seeing the young people in my life really growing in their faith.
The opportunity to do things for others.

Take care,


  1. Your work is lovely and your goals are outstanding!

  2. Hi Jennie! Your rug is absolutely stunning!!! I am so glad to have found your blog and will have fun following your progress~ I have the Primitive Garden waiting for me as well~somewhere in my sewing room!! Happy Holidays Jennie! ♥ E