Sunday, October 14, 2012

Hooking update

We had our Dogwood ATHA Guild Fall Hook In on October 6th.  It was a great day.....nice facility, good food, great speaker and vendors and wonderful fellowship.  We were fortunate to have such a hard working committee to put it together.  I took the Polly Minnick "Semper Fi"mat to work on as it is a sort of brainless hooking.  It is showing a little progress.  That white star looks mighty bright to me, but that is what came in the kit.  I won't rip it out yet, but.................

The Hook In was followed by classes here at the house with Eric.  We have missed him so much since he moved to VA, and it was a joy to have him here with us for two days.  I worked on my big scroll rug and then color planned another rug that is in my future.  Sticking with the scroll rug before starting another major project is my has been in the works way too long now.  Slow and steady, the goal is to pull up at least a few loops everyday.

The sewing room, which was so neat and tidy a few weeks ago, looks like a bomb ripped through it now. 

I can't work like that, so I have been tidying up a bit tonight.  It is a little better.

Today our church celebrated Homecoming and its 177th birthday.  The inspiring service was followed by dinner on the grounds as only the Baptists can do..........GOOD FOOD!!  Tonight we had singing, and the next three nights we will have services.  I will have to get my stitching time in during the day most of this week if it is going to happen.  The calendar is pretty full.

Almost bedtime now.


Voices lifted up to the Lord.
An afternoon nap on the porch swing.
A belly full of good food.
Blake's hand reaching out to hold mine.

Take care,


  1. Your sewing room looks so cozy! A great place for stitching! Did you make your own cutting island? How handy to be able to walk all the way around it.

  2. How pretty! I've never hooked before, but love the way they look. The first picture reminded me of a game board which I've been thinking about stitching or sewing someday...

  3. The cutting island is made from kitchen cabinets mounted on casters with a plywood top covered with a large cutting mat from Joann's. It is great to walk around it, and even better that it has casters and can be moved out of the way if needed. I love having a dedicated sewing space.
    The hooked piece is a game board. I was thinking I might buy some checker pieces for my grands to play with on it.
    Thanks for visiting.