Friday, August 17, 2012

iPhone Addiction

I gave Blake a new iPhone for Father's Day.  This is a man who could never text or navigate the menu on his simple flip phone.  His son said it was a waste of money.  His old friends from the Sheriff's Office are in awe.....they think he pulled the wool over their eyes all of those years, pretending he couldn't figure out his simple phone.  This man is an iPhone wiz.......totally addicted.  This is a typical morning scene on our back porch:  coffee, rocking chair and iphone :-))

On Monday, Sara Ashley and I had a girls' day.  We went shopping (she bought a purse, some socks and a hat for her brother), got her toenails painted (blue, of course),  and had lunch at the restaurant of her choice, Red Robin.  She is so grown up fifth grade already.  When we were shopping for her purse, she clearly didn't  go for my suggestions.  She informed me sweetly that she had her mother's taste.  I had to laugh.

Robert made the Evans Middle School Football team.  We are so proud of him and his hard work.  I am also very proud each time I have the privilege of sewing more badges on his Boy Scout sash.  I trust that one day he will make his goal of becoming an Eagle Scout.

This week has been the week of the book.  Some times it is better to stay away from Amazon and blogs......this was probably one of those times.  Oh, well.......I got some great stuff.

For Quilting (a book and two patterns) :

 For Weaving:

For Inspiration and for just because there is nothing better than a good dog story:

I also accomplished my goals.  Meadow Cosmos blocks 8 - 16 are fused and ready to stitch.

and the Paisley Runner is bound, labelled and has been delivered to its new owner, Ashley.  I believe it is one of my favorite rugs thus far. Sorry, but the iPhone photo is a little blurry.

Primitive Gatherings Freebie block 10 arrived and was promptly done!! These have been so much fun.

Over the Meadow Block 5 is now stitched.  I wish I didn't hate prepping these blocks so much.  They are so cute when they are done.  And I am three blocks behind schedule.  I may or may not catch up, but will eventually get them finished.

At my weaving class I finished the overshot table runner I was working on, but didn't cut it off the loom as there was plenty of warp to weave a dishtowel.  Diane shared a nice deep red yarn and a pattern with me.  I think it is going to be quite nice.

We lost our chicken, Esther, this week.  I was really sad, but it was not unexpected.  She had not been well for a couple of weeks, as I had mentioned.  She was eating well and looking better that morning, but when I went to check on them later in the day, she was gone.  And on Sunday, Zulu will be going to his new home with Captain Cluck and lots of other chickens.  I am simply not cut out for the rooster thing.  Bobbie has been cranking out an egg everyday or every other day for the past week.  We don't expect the younger girls to lay before late October or early November, so Bobbie will be our sole egg producer for awhile.

My goals for next week include finishing this cute Hooked Santa with Star that I hooked up last night (I will do this with my Eric's Day friends on Monday).

Preparing the binding, using the method from Red Saltbox, for this rug that I hooked back in June is also on my list.  It is called Wish Upon a Star.  Looks like I have Christmas on the brain :-)

Finally, I want to get the buttonhole stitching done on at least four of the Meadow Cosmos blocks.
Sounds like enough to commit to for the week.


Cooler I detect a touch of Fall in the air??
Deer grazing in our meadow.
Technology that allows us to be friends with people we have never met.

Take care,


  1. Lots of Show 'n Tell. My favorites are the boat and whales (such cute whales) and the Santa.

  2. I see that one of the patterns that you have. Purchased is the Christmas quilt Comfort and Joy. I love that quilt. It is also on my to do list. I have the pattern and have gathered the fabric. I think we have very similar taste. I love everything you are working on.