Wednesday, August 1, 2012

We've got eggs!!!!

Well, Esther finally delivered for us........literally........and we've got eggs.  Pretty, perfect little brown eggs.   Five in the last six days.  Go, Esther!!!!

Two brave mothers took Robert, his friend, Macy and Sara Ashley to Six Flags for a very hot, busy day.  They had a great time.  Macy was finally tall enough to ride some of the big kid rides and even rode the Scream Machine!  No thanks!!!!  Robert's companion was a game win, Eric the pencil.  You have to be thirteen, I guess.

The Sew Crazies have a second QOV, needing just to be quilted now.  We all contributed blocks and Sandra put it together for us.  We made this one with a female soldier in mind.  A third quilt is in the making.

Dear friend Laura made these beautiful, leaf shaped face cloths for me.  She is one busy lady.  I don't know how she gets so much done and is still a working girl.  And so generous.  Thank you, Laura!!

Block 4 of Over the Meadow is finally stitched up.  I love these blocks, but the prep work takes a long time and I am awfully slow getting them done.  I am using the Invisible Machine Applique technique with Sharon Schamber's wash away applique foundation paper.

I continue to make progress on my projects.  The Paisley Runner is ready to whip and I would like to get that done this week.  The first three blocks of Coxcombs & Pomegranates are complete.  I wish I had the other two to work on, but they still haven't arrived yet.

Block 3
Block 2
Block 1

 My friend, Kathie, says that if you are "hot" to do a project, you need to go for it.  If you lose that enthusiasm, you aren't as likely to whip it out.  Taking that to heart, I am starting a new project this week.  I know.........what can I say??  The project is from Blackbird Designs new book, "In the Meadow" and the name of the quilt is "Meadow Cosmos".  Just love this muted design.  I have the fabric and the background blocks are cut.  I am going to use the fuse and buttonhole applique technique, so it should be fairly fast.  My goal this week is to get 1/2 the blocks fused (that would be eight).  The blocks are 20", and the quilt is 80" x 80".  I am excited about it.


My faith.
The feel of fabric in my hands.
Toenail polish and sandals.
Pretty "homegrown" chicken eggs.

Take care,


  1. Oh Jennie those blocks are just gorgeous. This quilt will be awesome. I think it is a great idea to work on 2 projects at a time this way you are always entertained. I love the second pattern too!
    Congrats on your eggs I think that is just awesome to go in your backyard and just get your meal!