Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend's end

You know, when I was working I always dreaded Sunday nights.  It meant the end of the weekend.....5 days till it rolled around again....days full of busyness and stress and, well, WORK!  Now I can hardly tell the difference between weekends versus weekdays.  My DH tells our friends that everyday is Saturday except Sunday.  We love it!!!

On Friday my quilting group, The Sew Crazies, met at the LQS to work on our Quilt of Valor and enjoy each others' company......and to share the lovely bottle of wine that Sandra brought from the Amish country along with the yummy pound cake that Micki made.  Might I add, that the day was a bit merrier after the refreshments :-)

While at the quilt shop I picked up this video by Sue Nickels.  I am hoping that it will give me a much needed nudge to get busy learning more about machine quilting.  I have far too many quilt tops to be able to afford to send them all out.  I have a wonderful machine (the same one that she demos machine quilting on in the video, which should also help), and there is really no reason for me not to get busy and improve on my skills.  We will see........

I continue to work on these sweet little applique blocks.  I started them many moons ago and I have twenty two of them finished and several more prepped.  I am doing needleturn applique on these.  They make a great portable project due to the small size.  I really don't know how many I will ultimately make.....probably enough for a lap-sized throw.......I am thinking about 80 or so when you figure in the nine patches interspersed amongst them.  The original quilt, Trick or Treat, by Blackbird Designs used 291 basket blocks.  I know of people who have done that many, but I don't believe I will be one of them.

I am using Bonnie Hunter's Leaders and Enders technique to make this scrappy red nine patch.  I have made about seventy of the 5 1/2" squares thus far.  I am amazed at how quickly they stack up.  Totally from scraps and stash, and I have yardage in the stash of a yellow and red print similar to the one she used (which I love).   Thanks, Bonnie!

Grandchildren..........and their families!
Sunday night singing at church.
Sweet, old doggies.
Hot vegetable soup and cornbread.

Take care,


  1. Love that you've started your blog going again and mentioned it last night. Maybe it will be the kick in the pants I need to get mine going - I haven't blogged since December. Hugs!

  2. Those are my favorite kind of buttons but I never knew what they were called before. Very cute stitchery!