Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday already!

The weekend has been busy, as usual.  Stayed with three of the grands on Saturday morning so that their parents could go to a training session for a spiritual workshop they have coming up.  The girls entertain themselves pretty much, but the little man is full of "busyness" and likes affirmation....he is a mess :-)  Retirement has really opened the door to my enjoying them more......I have the time, and more than that, I am not exhausted from work and dreading going back.  It is a good thing.

Finished the little Twelve Days of Christmas top that was sponsored by Temecula Quilt Company.  It came completely from my scrap basket except for the setting strips, binding and backing, which came from stash.  It is ready to quilt, and I think that I will just machine quilt this one.  I went for a blended, chintzy look with my suits the area where I plan to use it.  Hope to be done today.    

I don't know what came over me with this project.  I saw this disappearing nine patch block, which for some reason really appealed to me, and immediately thought of a one color quilt.  Didn't want to do red, as I am doing that for Just Takes 2.  For some reason, green was calling my name.  I had a plastic shoebox overflowing with random greens (not my CWs, mind you) that were perfect candidates.  Lots of those "What was I thinking" fabrics from a decade or more ago, begging to be something.  So, I almost emptied the box, and then pulled various backgrounds from my laundry basket of this, that and the other backgrounds......voila....the disappearing nine patch is cut and piecing has begun.  All from stash.......and there will be plenty of backing, binding and batting for this one from stash, too!  Don't know what I will do with it, but it will be done and my stash will be lighter.....and I really do like that pattern!  Oh, I have to confess.......the fabric on the completed block.......a Villager fabric from my late mother's stash; it was scrap from a shirtwaist dress she made for me in high school!!!!!  Yikes!!!!

Got my first Just Takes 2 Block done last night.  That, and finishing the Twelve Days of Christmas are on my list for the afternoon........and my Bible Study.  I received a wonderful and thought provoking little devotional book from a friend for Christmas, and I am loving it.  The name of it is Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.  If you are looking for fresh inspiration in your daily walk, I highly recommend it.

Time to get busy,

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