Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Today just slipped away

Today was one of those days that just slipped right through my hands.  Not to say that I didn't do anything....I did....the day was just gone before I knew it.

This morning was my third weaving lesson, and I think I am "getting it".  My weaving looked much more consistent today and I really enjoyed it.  My teacher, Ann Lynn, is very laid back and encouraging.  She is around my age, which helps, as she understands the senior mind :-)  I really meant to take my camera and capture a photo of what I am doing.....maybe next week.

I completed the second set of Just Takes 2.  I must say (not being a real fan of foundation piecing),  I found that these blocks were not quite so much fun as the first set.  Nonetheless, I am pleased with the results.  In this set I used four different reds and two different backgrounds, pulling once again, entirely from stash. 

I also completed the first Lori Smith Mini Quilt in the Quilt Square Quilt Along at Jo's Country Junction.  Despite the tiny strips, it came out just right.......and I hand quilted it.  I used 50 wt. crochet cotton for the quilting; I think I had read somewhere that Jo Morton uses that.  At any rate, I like how it turned out and I would use it again.

The mini log cabin (above) is now hanging over a darling little primitive cabinet in my sewing area.  I purchased this cabinet at the Country Living Show in Atlanta this past fall, and just got it hung.  Right now it holds some vintage pincushions from my collection and has my mother's tin button box and another little vintage button box on top.  I think the little quilt compliments it perfectly.

I also thought I would share a couple of my favorite vintage dogs.  Being a dog lover, it is only logical that I am drawn to all things "dog"......particularly old things "dog".  I just couldn't resist either of these funny guys.  They reside in my basement kitchen.


A husband who understands and indulges my passion for handcrafts.
The sound of much needed rain falling on a tin roof.
Time to do the things I really enjoy.

Take care,


  1. Your little quilt and cabinet are both just delightful! Wat size is that quilt?

  2. Thanks, Gayle. It is 12 x 12.....the pattern is a Lori Smith pattern, and each little quilt in the pattern is 12 x 12....or you can save them all up and make a big quilt if you like.