Monday, January 6, 2020

A Good Start

Thus far, I feel as if I have made a good start into 2020. I have done some goal setting, some organizing and cleaning, and have more planned. I am writing everything down to try to stay on track. I even bought myself a nice yearly to just be organized enough to keep up with We all know about good intentions.o

On the rug hooking front, I truly want to finish my TEN UFOs. I also have three rugs in the binding favorite job....ugh.  The Reader is moving forward...

The rug and book are done and I’ve resumed hooking the background. Pretty soon I will be forced to work on Roxie. I need to find the photo that I was working from.

The 4 Mary Brown blocks are joined with the vines ready to appliqué. Plan to work on that today.

I also got the pieces cut out for the next two blocks.

My Leaders and Enders project for this year continues to be Square Deal by Primitive Gatherings. This one may take forever. This is the goal....(quilt on right)...

Here are a couple of my 2 1/2” finished babies...

If you aren’t familiar with the Leaders and Enders method, go here for a  great explanation.

I really wanted....certainly not start a fresh quilting project for the NY. Because I have a mountain of stuff I need to work on, I decided to at least set some guidelines for what I chose to start. I wanted it to come entirely from my stash, to be simple to pullout and work on a bit at a time, to be fun, relatively easy and appealing, and to ultimately free up some storage space. This is what made the cut...

This is the box holding the binding, borders and backing. The individual blocks for each month are stored in a small storage bin. This will check off freeing up some storage space when I am done as well as from stash and easy to pull out.

This was the Designer Mystery 2018 BOM from FQS. The designer of this cheery fabric is Fig Tree Designs, and creator Joanna Figueroa designed this first block. Check off appealing.

About halfway in, I realized there was a problem, and it was too late to consult with the group since the BOM was 2 years old. The instructions said to cut the square to make the final flying geese segment at 3”, but if you look at the top block, you can see that it just doesn’t work. After a bit of fiddling, I determined that the block needed to be cut at 3 1/4”. Thank goodness there was adequate fabric to recut those four blocks...thank you FQS for your generous fabric cuts! The bottom block above is the correct piecing. Forget easy. I spent way too long figuring out this little glitch.

And this is the finished block...a perfect 12 1/2”! Next.....

This is month four of Happy Hexies.....

And my favorite block from this group alongside the stack of finishes...all 48 of them.

I will report on the NY in cross stitch next time.
I cooked birthday dinner for dear friend Regina and served up her favorite frosted brownies in lieu of a birthday cake. We have known each other since HS, and worked together as nurses over the years.

Forget the projects from way back to the 1980s....LOL.

Take Care,


  1. So much eye candy. I love all your projects. Hugs

  2. Can't remember what rug hooker said this in class but par of the lesson was "hook what is on top first". so am guessing you should work on your beloved pet Roxie before hooking the background. Not my lesson but that of a teacher I had in the past.

    You've got a LOT of work ahead of you so will be interested to see if you can keep that tight a schedule. For sure I wouldn't be able to but good luck to you.

    Remember it is supposed to be the ENJOYMENT of the process and should be FUN rather than WORK. So don't feel guilty if you change your schedule accordingly.

  3. Holy hell, woman. TEN hooking UFOs??? I can't even imagine how many quilting UFOs there must be.
    All will be lovely when finished! I wouldn't even know where to begin but it sounds like you have it under control :)

  4. I am no good at the goal setting. Well, I set mental goals but never write things down. Pat Sloan has been doing a little series on the planners and how she plans to use hers. I think the Lori Holt planners looks the most interesting if I were to select one. I don't want to keep track of hours worked on a project. I would rather spend that writing time on a few more stitches on a project.
    The Designer Mystery from FQS looks interesting. Do you watch her (Kimberly Jolly) Live Wednesday and Friday talks? I do and enjoy them.
    Are you thinking ahead to gardening season?

  5. We seem to have a lot of projects in common! I love your rug - it's looking great! And just ten RFO rugs? I think I have double that number... :)