Sunday, October 15, 2017

Moving Along

I have spent the last three days with more time at home than in months. It has been very needed.  It really makes me realize that I am on overload and I need to pare down. Having the Plant Sale under my belt will help hugely, as will some changes we are making with Can’t Never Could. I will always be busy, but I definitely need to do some reallocation of my time.

Today I spent a while in the sewing room. The newest Moda Designer BOM arrived yesterday, so instead of tucking it away for later, I went ahead and whipped it up. 

It was super easy, but cute. Now I need to buckle down and finish up the remaining 200+ flying geese....ugh.

One sleepless night last week I completed the last six blocks needed for Lady of the Lake.

This afternoon I cut the setting and borders. My goal is  to try to get the top finished this week.

Yesterday I did some baking...

Apple Crisp

Fresh Sour Dough bread.

The girls are molting and production is down. We have had a couple of interesting eggs in the nests recently.

First, this tiny little egg.

And then, this monster egg....which turned out to have a double yolk. It is only the second double yolked egg in our five years of having chickens.

Rob, Christi and Robert enjoyed UGA Parent’s Day on Saturday.

Hope everyone has a peaceful Fall week ahead.

Take Care,


  1. Yum, I love apple crisp. Here's hoping I'll pull some quilting energy from you this winter so that I can finish my star quilt.

  2. You have been really busy! I especially like your Lady of the Lake blocks. They are so bright and cheery. My sister gets double yolks all the time, but then she always buys jumbo.

  3. Oh that apple crisp look good!!!
    So nice to see Rob and Christi smiling. They have been through so much.
    Hugs :)

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