Sunday, September 20, 2015

Finally, A Little Slow Stitching

This has not been a month that has leant itself to much relaxation or slow stitching, but today I was able to slip a bit in.  Click on the Slow Stitching button on my sidebar to see what everyone else is doing.

Knitting was on my To Do List for this month. I started working from this basket of cottons....Christmas is coming and some peeps have already hinted that their dishcloths are mighty ratty . Dishcloths are perfect easy or difficult as you want to make them. Great for trying out new skills or just sticking to the favorite tried and true.
Four finished thus far....with plenty of materials for more.  Will have to make a few for our house, too.

Then I read about the summertime Mystery Knit Along by Helen Stewart over at Ravelry. It sounded like fun, but I worried about my skill level...adventurous beginner, it said....a new clue once a week for several weeks, resulting in a lovely shawl. I bit, and finished up the first week's clue. This week's is going to require a bit of guidance from my knitting guru friend, Diane.
Here is my yarn....Madeline Tosh Light in Tern and Tart.  
And the first week's clue knit up...

I am sewing Boy Scout patches on for a second grandson.
Jackson is now a Tiger Cub.

Macy had her artwork displayed at The Art Walk in Downtown Newnan this week.
Here she is with her art teacher...and her great pumpkin picture visible above her head.

One of the Sew Crazies' QOV was presented this week...
Warms my heart and soul to see these deserving vets honored.

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