Friday, September 18, 2015

A Little History

I had the opportunity to visit our small hometown museum this week and view their quilt show. There was a nice representation of antique quilts, though almost no documentation on them. Label your quilts, folks!!!  Below I will share a few of my favorites. The photos had to be made without flash.
Love the bright yellow background of this GFG.
A beautiful Victorian CQ...this one did have documentation , with photos of the lovely Southern lady who created of my husband's ancestors!!

Loved the treasure trove of prints in this quilt. Reminded me of the popular Jen Kingwell quilts.
Close up of fabrics.
Another GFG....unusual choice of background color.
A more modern flag wall hanging. Love the movement.
Another modern flag.
Love the fabrics in this basket quilt.
What a beauty!! So many tiny pieces.
Nice string quilt with another unusual background color.
Another really nice string quilt.

Hope you enjoyed!

SA will be fourteen tomorrow. We celebrated at Olive Garden earlier this week ...cake by yours truly.

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Take Care,


  1. Felicidades, preciosa jovencita!!!
    gracias por compartir fotos tan interesantes
    buen domingo

  2. Happy belated birthday to your beautiful granddaughter!
    My favorite quilts are the basket and the second string quilt. Such talent!
    Hugs :)