Thursday, September 25, 2014


For a very good reason, I am smiling.  Comfort and Joy, started the first of the year is ready to go to the quilter.....Debi, who has also finished her version (we started these together, hers was done first....of course). We gave each other permission to forego the appliqu├ęd borders, deciding the allowed borders were too small and the quilt is quite busy enough. Besides, we were both ready to move on.

All the fabric for this top was pulled from stash. A nice feeling, even though it failed to make dent in said stas.

The weather has cooled a bit and it is back porch swing time once again.  Last year, I lost my best swing buddy, little Rascal....

And though no one can take his place, someone else is a good candidate for companionship in her own special way....
Note the sad state of the slipper. It seems this special somebody also has quite the affinity for her person's shoes.....the more expensive the better.

Off to whine, wheeze and hack for the rest of the evening.  My favorite season brings on the nastiest of seasonal allergies. Whine, whine.......

The freedom won by a long term project finish.
Strong medicine and good medical folk.
Sharing my favorite chair and nap time with furry friends.

Take Care,


  1. Congrats on Comfort and Joy! It's a beautiful quilt! I see your companion has "good taste in slippers"! lol! ;-) Enjoy the cooler weather!

  2. WooHoo! What a happy occasion to have your quilt finished.....

  3. Love this quilt. I made one maybe last year. It was an interesting one to make with so many different block designs.