Sunday, September 28, 2014

Autumn's Call

Autumn's Call by Crabapple Hill........started last year in a class with now a finish. Just looking for the perfect hanger to display it now.

It looks a little off in the photo, but it is really nice and square.  The original pattern shows it framed, but Debi designed this quilted border for it.  The vine and leaves are wool, blanket stitched with wool thread on the machine.

The hit or miss rug is progressing, although the worm bags show absolutely no evidence of this.

I am trying really hard to get "light, bright, dark and dull".......and to spread it around.  That white light is REALLY light. I will add some more and then decide if it can stay or not.

Have started prepping SNOWMEN A-Z.  Lots of work to be done on that one to get it ready before Christmas.

A warm visit with an old friend.
A good night of sleep.
Puppy silliness.

Take Care,

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  1. Was the fall wall hanging made with an embellished printed in color center or did you color it yourself. I love fall pieces.