Monday, September 29, 2014

Little Letters

My friend has been doing all of the Temecula Quilt Company's adorable stitch alongs since last year.
Every time I see one finished, I regret not playing along......but it just seems it would be something else to incur guilt because I wouldn't keep up. So, I have passed on each.  You know where this is going.
When said friend mentioned the new quilt along, Little Letters, she can do them in just a few minutes, and they come out twice a should do it. Well, she is right. They only take a few minutes to cut and stitch. And they are pretty darned cute. And I can use my scraps, though, trust me, this project, aside from background, will not put a dent in your stash.

Quality vs. quantity and convenience have become an issue for me in my blog.  There was a time when I blogged completely from my laptop using photos from my very nice camera. It was quite time consuming and I didn't blog as frequently because it was more demanding.  But the photos were better, nicely aligned on the pages, the same size, etc.  The blog was prettier. Then came the ability to blog from my pad or phone, using photos taken from the same. I can even do a little photo editing. But I can't do links and some of the other nicer functions. What to do?  Well, my blogging is mostly for fun and sharing in a limited community. I am not about making money, selling products or growing readership to thousands. So, forgive me if it isn't as pretty, but convenience is the route I am taking.

Rainy days.

Take care,

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