Saturday, June 14, 2014

Down to the Line...

Why do I always wait till the last minute to finish things up.  Nothing like a deadline.

In the morning we will be leaving for Caraway Rug ninth year.  I can hardly wait.  I will be in class with Jeanne Benjamin. Yes, again, she is just one of my favorites and I know that she will do a great job with the rug I have chosen.

Every year there is a wonderful rug show at Caraway....rugs by the students and teachers.  Love Grows in the Garden had long been finished and ready for the show.  But there were two other rugs so close to being finished.  I got busy, and they are done!!!! I truly am a happy camper.

Here are the rugs that will be in the rug show:

Pomegranate Basket 
Pattern by Susan Quicksall, Teacher Jeanne Benjamin

Urn Full of Flowers
Pattern by Maggie Bonanomi, Teacher Jayne Hester

Love Grows in My Garden
Pattern by Lori Brechlin, Teacher Jeanne Benjamin

On the quilting front I have a couple of other finishes:

I can't remember the name of this one, but it is a little four patch from Jo's Little Women's Club.  A UFO from 2009!

The little baby quilt, finally ready to go off to its owner.

And Primitive Gatherings' sweet little Flower Baskets finally to flimsy stage.

Feels really good to finally have some finishes under my belt.  It had been too long.

Will try to post from rug camp this week.  I will miss Blake, my family and the doggies, but I am really looking forward to the week.  And I know that Blake will take good care of the pups.

Anticipation of a week of hooking, good food and friends.

Take care,


  1. The prim baskets are a hit with me. Good finish. I like the Love Grows rug really, really well. The Pomegranate one too. I wish we had rug anything here. A place selling supplies, classes, anything. But we don't.

  2. Jennie, your rugs are just beautiful. You have really mastered the skill. Your quilts are also very pretty.