Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Primitive Garden & Pillowcase

My February Primitive Garden block is the hoe block.  You should always read the instructions before stitching a block.  These instructions said that the birds wouldn't fit, so don't add them until later when they can overlap other blocks.  I didn't read the instructions first.  Life goes on.

I love vintage looking embroidered bluebirds.  I just melt when I see them.  I started this pillowcase with the incredibly sweet embroidery three years it half done and walked away.  Last week I pulled it out, finished the embroidery and made the pillowcase.  What was I waiting on????  Honestly, why don't I just finish these projects when I start them.  I love this pillowcase!!

Found this children's cabinet at a local antique shop just before Christmas.......the price was right and I have the perfect place for it.  I think it needs some little quilts tucked on the shelves, don't you?  And maybe a little rug to sit on??????

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  1. You're not alone,I did the same with my blackbirds.

  2. Darling little cabinet. It definitely needs some little quilts. There has been a small chest of drawers at a local thrift shop for a while. Not as big as the cabinet you have. It is not a quality piece and I think that is why it has stayed on the shelf at the shop. I don't know what I would do with it but have been tempted to purchase it. It is too big for a doll house piece and too small to put doll clothes in.

    Have you looked at the free embroidery patterns at Needlecrafter? Bluebirds!