Saturday, February 16, 2013

Bragging rights.........

The grandkids are just as busy as they can possibly be.  It is impossible for us to keep up with them.  They certainly keep their parents on the run!  And we couldn't be happier with them or for them.  They are great kids.

Robert has finished his football season and church league basketball season. He is active in his middle school choir and academic team, Boy Scouts and Church Choir.   This is his academic team at a recent meet.  He was chosen by his peers at his middle school as "Most Academic".

And this is him with several friends last week serving as a Page for the Legislative Session at the Georgia State Capital.

Sara Ashley won first place in the elementary school division for Center for an Educated Georgia's essay contest.  She wrote about the reason her school, The Bedford School, is the best school for her. She has been featured online, in the local news and honored at her school, in addition to winning a gift card for her efforts.  Click on the photo below to visit the website and see her essay.

As a result of this, she and Christi were asked to represent School Choice at the Georgia State Capital, where Christi spoke about Sara Ashley and how School Choice has served her.  We were so proud of them both!  This is a photo of Rob, Christi, Sara Ashley, Lynn Smith (our local House Representative) and the Governor, Nathan Deal.

Sara Ashley is staying busy with horseback riding lessons, intramural basketball and her pets, including her new guinea pig, Skitter.

Macy is enjoying and excelling in first grade at Elm Street and taking Hip Hop lessons.  Last weekend she and her dad attended her Father-Daughter dance, and this week she performed in her First Grade Valentine program at school.  I can't believe how grown up she is!

Jackson likes his preschool at Newnan Presbyterian.  He took soccer lessons this fall.  He got a drum set for Christmas and we think that entertainment might be in his future.......he is such a character.
This is a photo from a recent family visit to Legoland in Atlanta.

Christopher is attending Pre K at Newnan Academy and is looking forward to playing T-Ball this spring.

Dillon is in Middle School at The Bedford School where he was on the Bedford Bears Soccer Team and Basketball Team.  He has been spent lots of time this winter hunting with his dad.  The Bedford Bears won first place in their division of basketball this week.  Needless to say, Dillon was pretty excited.

Colten is in fifth grade.  He still loves to play baseball and is an excellent student.  We don't get to see him as much since he lives further away.

And Blake.........well, he just celebrated a milestone.........his 70th birthday........and all is well!!.

Active, happy grandchildren.
Schools and all of the folks that make them what they are.
Those people who are blessed with the desires and skills to inspire and teach our children.

Take care,

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