Monday, February 11, 2013

Plodding along......

I am plodding along with my projects, taking a slightly different approach, which I will explain shortly.

First of all, I had two January finishes that I didn't post.  The first one was a simple panel (Seven Sisters) that just needed the border done by me.  It is for our Sew Crazy QOV project, and finishing the top off was my, it is done and I can count it as a finish.

The next finish was Sweet Pickins'...........quilted and bound..........all ready to enjoy come Fall.

For February I have only a couple of woven towels finished so far.  They are Summer Winter weave and I am pleased with the way they turned out.  Weaving has not come naturally to me, but I am determined.

My big Macomber loom got some much needed work done last week with the help of John and Blake.
We installed a new gear to replace the broken one and she got nice, clean aprons.  What an improvement.  Now I need to get her warped and start doing some serious weaving on her.

As I have finished up the blocks for the BOM I was doing at the LQS and am just awaiting setting fabric to arrive to complete that top, I thought it would be a great idea to support my LQS by signing up for another BOM.  I know............but it is so cute, and a little different from anything I have done in a long while.  It is "My Family" by Lynnette Anderson........a redwork and patchwork combo with birds, dogs, family, chickens.......really sweet stuff.  The four hearts for this month are already completed, and it was fun doing something different for a change.  I had my first experience using Cosmo thread off the is great.......comes stranded in two strands, ready to roll right off the spool and stitch.  It is a bit more expensive than DMC, but so much more convenient. (meaning no snarls and struggles trying to separate those strands).

The Birdhouse block was the Primitive Garden choice for January.  Didn't finish it till this week, but it is done now.

What I have spent the bulk of my crafting time doing this month is prep work.  I decided that if I could get a lot of things prepped while I had the supplies out for that particular type of project, it would be a timesaver in the long run.  So prepping it has been.  I have a stack of blocks piled up and soon it will be time to start stitching them.  It will be interesting to see if this approach makes sense in the long run.  I will keep you posted.

Time to get back to my busy work :-))

Mild Southern winters.
Fresh cabbage from the garden.

Take care,


  1. You have your Sweet Pickin's done and I still need to quilt mine. You got a lot done lately.

  2. Hey Jennie, where do you get your Cosmo thread? I've looked online and all I see is the regular kind that comes with papers at each end and is more than two strands.

    1. Kathleen has it at Sewn with Luv in Newnan. Not sure how many colors she has.......maybe twenty or so.
      If you decide to come down, give me a call!