Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Change is "a coming"

Tomorrow my favorite photo editing site, Piknick, is closing its doors.  I am truly sad.  It is the only really simple, but slightly more than basic, photo editing site I have ever enjoyed using.  I had it down pat, even though I never used all of the features available.  Now I have to find something else..........and even worse, I have to learn how to use it.  So, if you think my photos are worse in upcoming posts, blame Piknick.

Today was weaving day at Ann Lynn's.  I started weaving a table runner in my favorite colors: pink, green and red.  I really like how it is turning out.  I am trying to be very careful with the selvedges, which, to me, is one of the most difficult things to learn.  I have had to redo a couple of things, but this pattern is more difficult than I have woven before.  And I even sort of understand what I am doing!!!

Several people have asked me about the chickens.  They are still in the works.  As with many things, it has been more difficult to pull this whole chicken coop thing together than I expected.  But I am determined.  We bought a used shed and had it delivered last week.  The ginormous truck they sent to deliver it couldn't place it where we wanted (I told you it was more difficult than I ever imagined), so it is sitting in front of the garden fence, all cattywhompus, awaiting someone to come pull it into place with a bobcat.  Hopefully that will happen tomorrow.  Then the work can begin if we can get the contractor to understand that it needs to be done NOW.

Our yard and garden are way ahead of what they normally are......partly because we are retired and have more time to spend on it, partly because of the unseasonally warm weather.  We derive a great deal of pleasure from the time we spend outside, and it is fun to see it paying off.

Bearded Iris

Bird Feeder

Old Wheelbarrow
Rattlesnake Beans
Time to sign out.


Gentle spring rain.
The fragrance of roses, and my favorite cologne, Evelyn Rose.
Hot showers and baths.

Take care,

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