Monday, April 2, 2012

BOM Rehab Monday again

I didn't make as much progress on the Tisket a Tasket BOM as I had hoped........too many irons in the fire right now.  But a little progress is better than none, no doubt........which is how much I was making before this challenge.  I got blocks 11 & 12 fused and ready to stitch, so all of the blocks are almost done, and I am pretty sure I know where I am going with the setting!  Good deal.

We are doing lots of yard work this week in preparation for our annual Easter Egg Hunt on Sunday.  The weather is gorgeous and it feels good to be outside.  Lots of things are getting done........and with this big old yard there is plenty to do.  Here is another of our clematis, and the white bearded iris which are always the first to bloom.  This afternoon we saw the first hummingbird of Spring at our feeder.......something just told me that it was time to put a feeder out.

I am moving along slowly with my weaving.  I completed a large piece of fabric at Ann Lynn's last week and brought it home to play with.  I made a small towel and a little tissue pouch from part of it.  Plan to make a zippered project bag from the remainder.


Time to enjoy my life.
The sound of the clocks chiming in our home.....reminding me of their previous owners, my mother and grandfather.
The spirited singing of Frankie and Fred the finches.
The first hummingbird of spring.

Take care,


  1. Love the pic of your finished weavings. Love them!!!!!!!