Friday, July 31, 2020

Goodbye July 2020

Can’t say that I am at all sorry to be saying goodbye to July 2020. And I have to admit that I am a bit concerned about what the remainder of 2020 is going to look like. Praying for healing...for our country and from Covid. God Bless America.

I was able to finish one Mary Brown block this month. 

I had hoped to do another. I have no good reason why that didn’t happen. Except that this block had fifty six tiny leaves.

I had happily posted that this quilt was ready for its first borders. Wrong. When I got ready to add the borders, they didn’t fit.

Because I failed to add the plain strips between the rows. Like this....

So I frogged the rows apart, inserted strips and then added the first borders. Now onto piecing the final borders. 

I received this sweet and fragrant package in the mail.
I had ordered this cutie from The Primitive Heart to add to my growing Strawberry Pinkeep collection. It is beautifully stitched from an old coverlet by Julie. I love it.

This week we put creamed corn in the freezer, tomorrow it will be two kinds of southern peas. And then it will be on to peaches and okra.  We didn’t grow any of these except the okra, but purchased from local farmers markets. Our garden is still producing, and I anticipate more work before summer is done.  And, yes, the girls are providing lots of fresh eggs.

Hoping everyone has a good weekend.

Take care,


  1. A very good-bye to July! It seems like it's been the longest month of the year in this longest of years (and we're only half through it!).;
    Your Mary Brown block looks wonderful. I can only guess at how long it took to cut, prepare, and applique all those leaves. I love your selection of greens.
    Your new pinkeep is charming. And such beautiful eggs!

  2. No way would I have the patience to do the piece quilting which you seem to enjoy. I'd have scooped it all up, put it in a box and stuck it in the attic or given it to a friend. Even tho my star quilt isn't nearly as complex it still remains unfinished. All of your quilts turn out like a piece of art.

  3. I love your Mary Brown block. The fabrics you used in your sampler quilt are so beautiful. Hugs

  4. I bet you were smacking your head wondering how you forgot to add the strips between the!
    Julie's work is simply perfection, isn't it? I had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with her when we traveled west. Hard to believe that was almost four years ago.
    Your eggs are so pretty!!!
    I, too, pray for our Country.
    God bless America.
    God bless our President.

  5. I am jealous! Love the strawberry!
    Ah, another Mary Brown block. Did you find it fairly easy to stitch? Mostly a lot of repeat leaves. It looks good, Jennie.

  6. You mean July is gone? LOL! I think I am ready for 2021 so I can keep up with where I am ! Love your Mary Brown!

  7. Oh, how frustrating when a step is missed and you find it much later.
    Good riddance to July 2020. Good riddance to a fractured nation.
    I hope new leadership can heal the divide.