Friday, December 13, 2019

What’s Going On

I have been, stitching, but not decorating. I know, but the tree goes up tomorrow. And the rest. In my defense, I do have a wreath on the door and mailbox decoration up.

So, stitching update....

Month 10 of Liberty Periodical. Only two months to go!!

Month 3 of Happy Hexies, 

And all 3 months together. I am making half with two different prints and half with the same color. Just decided that the variation made it more fun. I really like these happy colors.

Center medallion of English Frame Quilt after month two completed. I am loving this one!!

Another little Prairie Schooler Santa.

and a third in the works.

A little pillow from a Notforgotten Farm kit that had been in my stash for more than just a little while.

And a Blackbird Designs start...Bringing Good Cheer...purchased as a kit from Country Sampler In Spring Green. It’s really hard to tell from this photo, but the linen is an amazing antique color.  Getting the foundation border on this one was more than challenging. Like rip more than once and order an extra skein of floss challenging.

This cute rug is another UFO...started many years ago as a second class rug with Anita White at Caraway. It is Readers by Sharon Smith. I love it, but was intimidated by changing the dog to one of my late schnauzers, Roxie, so I packed it away. When I pulled it out I had trouble feeling oriented with the plan. The dog and little boy were hooked to this point, but that was all. I had the wall fabric ( I am not doing the little airplanes), but hadn’t started it. So I thought that was a good place to restart and try to get a feel for the rug. This is what I’ve done thus far.

Took these three Christmas shopping...not only did we accomplish a lot, we had so much fun!

Take Care, 


  1. I hope you are able to reconnect with the feeling of Roxie and finish. That would be the absolute perfect finish. No need for airplanes as the kid and dog are the main focus of the beautiful design.
    Good for you for finishing up those UFOs.

  2. ou have been one busy lady working on all those projects. I am busy stitching too. Mostly on old projects.

  3. HOLY MOLY!!! You have been productive :)

  4. Love all your projects--especially the Happy Hexies--love them! Your hooking project is so charming--hope you can get it finished soon!

  5. You have so much handwork in progress all at the same time! How do you keep up -- or, how do you get so much done? It's amazing. Your Liberty Periodical is beautiful. I'm looking forward to seeing it finished. I also admire the center medallion of your English Frame Quilt. Lots of perfection there!