Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Sweet Spring

Thought I would share a few Spring pics from my gardens. The nice thing about photos is that you can leave out the weeds, and we have had more than our share of those this Spring.

Arbor with antique Little Pinkie rose.

I have several lovely Clematis. Unfortunately I only know the name of one. 
Josephine. Her bloom starts out with a slightly fluffy center and ends up like the one in center bottom. They are amazing.
Cute planter made from barn board and architectural element. I added the asparagus fern.
Someone is helping me dig holes.

Take Care,


  1. Garden looks wonderful and cute planter. Great help you have there.

  2. Your clematis are beautiful. Love your planter and sign.
    Great helper :)
    Happy spring.

  3. Hi Jennie - your garden is lovely, as I knew it would be. I am particularly fond of clematis. Josephine is a beauty.

  4. I have told you before that I am no gardener. You have such a talent with plants.

  5. Your arch with roses is just gorgeous, Jennie! I wish I could have one. My husband is the gardener in our family and his idea of beautiful is very different from mine. We have lots of weeds.... I used to garden but found that plants began worrying my hands until they broke out in painful cracks and sores. I guess gardening wasn't in my blood or I would have plowed through and continued. (I've found that lavender and honeysuckle are safe. Thank goodness since they're my favorites.)