Monday, May 8, 2017

Anita White Class

The Dogwood ATHA Class hosted a three day class with Anita White this week. This is my third class with Anita, and she never fails to inspire. This time was certainly no exception.
In addition, her wool is to die for and she has great patterns.
 Our class.
Our rugs.....
Mary's happy posies.
Theda's rug with standing wool flowers...a technique that Anita taught in class.
Kathie brought another rug to class, but couldn't resist this one by Anita. 
Ann did a great job building her cabin. 
Vicky worked on this Karen Kahle pattern...appropriate for her since she is a gardener.
Nancy worked on this beautiful pattern that included some of Anita's trademark paisley. She got so much done!
Laura changed this sweet Sharon Smith pattern to represent her granddaughter. 
I love the urn on this rug that Jan was working on.  
Sara Mac is hooking this wonderful coneflower rug. She started it prior to the class, but got lots done. Many of the strips are hand cut. I love her style.
Beth made great progress on her paisleys.
And Jackie did a nice job on her fruit still life.
 Cindy tackled her first eyes on this fun Santa.
This is my piece, a runner named Homespun Medallions by Norma Batistini. I am making this for Christi's table at their farmhouse. She chose the original colors and we added these golds, oranges and blue reds.
This is going to be fun now that I have it set up!

We had a great class and are most grateful to Anita and for those who worked so hard to facilitate it!

Take Care,


  1. I have longed to have a class with Anita. Sadly I've never been to a camp where she was one of the teachers. One day, if I live long enough will be in the company of my favorite teachers. Enjoyed the show, thanks.

  2. Thanks for the beautiful rug show! Anita White was at a previous camp I attended two years ago and only got to watch her teach and encourage her group of students. She is one awesome lady! I will attend a camp at the end of June and yes, she was my first choice so we will see if my dream comes true. I do love your blog. It is so full of inspiration it encourages me and am sure many others also. You are such a wonderful blessing to your readers.

  3. I wish we had a rug hooking source or group in this area. I know of none even in the Orlando area.